Saturday, October 15, 2011

Download : Microsoft Office 2007 Highly Compressed (2.43 MB)

Many of Us are working on slow internet connection so download of hundreds of MB's is not possible so i have one Highly Compressed Microsoft Office which is of only 2.43MBs in size.

After Downloading Just Decompress it and you will get Original MS Office.

Just you need one Software KGB Archiver which is Already in Package but for new Version goto

After Installing KGB Archiver open Downloaded file and extract .kgb file.

It may take several minutes but don't stop it.

Here Below is two files one is Self Extractor and Second is .RAR file both are same. Don't hesitate to download .EXE (self extractor for those who has no WinRAR) because exe is checked by Virustotal (below is report of Self archiver.)


DOWNLOAD MS Office 2007 Highly Compressed ~ Techno Knol .exe

DOWNLOAD  MS Office 2007 Highly Compressed ~ Techno Knol.rar


Download : Mediafire

Update 2 :

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