Saturday, October 15, 2011

How To's : Save Chrome Extension from Other Browser to Hard Drive

When we have Chrome installed we add extensions to chrome but what when we format our OS or uninstall chrome and again install. We have to add extensions again which is very lengthy and boring process and also have to make list that which extensions we want. So here i have a trick to save chrome Extensions offline from any Browser and when needed we can easily install them without going to Chrome Web Store.

To save extension open that page in chrome web store and look for a address which is like "" in this "cknebhggccemgcnbidipinkifmmegdel" is the extension id.

Now just you have to copy this id.
Replace this id in this address ("") with "____"

Now after copying id in place of "____" id will look like this ""

Now Press Enter you will be ask for save .crx file. Just save this.

After saving this extension open Chrome Browser and Press Ctrl+O and select your above saved .crx file 

It will prompt you press continue and Install.

That's It!!! 

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