Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to Use Havij - A SQL Injection Tool - Tutorial

Here i Will tell you how to use A SQL Injection Tool - Havij

How to Use Havij:

First of All you have to find A Vulnerable Link. Then Paste it in "Target:" box in Havij

Now Click on Analyze to get site info and Database Name

    Then Click on "Tables" Button so you will show the database name.
    Now Select Database and Click on "Get Tables" Button. So you will get Tables Name.
    Now Select anyone Table which you want like Admin,Users,user,Administrator etc. And after this Click on "Get Columns".

    After processing you will get Columns then select any columns and Click on "Get Data" Button. You will get Data from that selected Columns.

    Download Havij:

    Havij 1.15

    Havij Help (PDF Format)

    Havij Help (CHM Format)

    UPDATE :


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